Reply To: How best to trade Apple shares

James Barra
Moderator Team

    Hi Ciarán,

    Thank you for your message.

    Apple (AAPL) is one of the most popular stocks so you have a range of ways to trade it. Among the most popular are:

    – Underlying shares – here you will directly buy and own the apple stock. It’s one of the most straightforward ways to trade Apple stocks. Many platforms also offer zero commissions on Apple stocks, which can be appealing if you’re new to trading.
    – Contracts for difference (CFDs) – here you do not own Apple shares. Instead, this derivative allows you to simply speculate on the stock’s price movements. CFDs are attractive to short-term traders because you can speculate on upward and downward price movements. The widespread availability of leverage also means you can amplify your returns (or losses). However, CFDs are very risky and not recommended for beginners. Also I don’t know where you’re based but it’s worth being aware CFDs are banned in certain regions, notably the US.

    You can also trade Apple stock in other ways, including options and bonds. We explain how these products work and provide more information about trading Apple shares here –

    I’d also recommend testing any Apple trading strategies in a risk-free demo account before putting money on the line. In addition, nail down a strategy for managing risk, which this guide can help with –

    Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions.