Brokers With RUB Accounts

Brokers with RUB accounts allow traders to manage portfolios with the Russian ruble as the base currency. Heavily reliant on the commodity market, the ruble is popular with investors trading natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas.

This guide will cover how RUB trading accounts work, plus the benefits for investors. We have also compared and ranked the best brokers with RUB accounts in 2022.

Note, unrest in Russia has caused issues regarding investments in the country. Many global brokerages are limiting their services to Russian residents or restricting tradable assets associated with the area.

How RUB Accounts Work

A RUB trading account means you deposit, hold, and trade in the Russian ruble. This is often referred to as an account base currency or the money that your account is denominated in. All returns, losses and fees are processed in your chosen account currency.

Brokers with RUB accounts may appeal to Russian traders looking to manage their investing activity in their local currency. RUB accounts also offer benefits to investors looking to speculate on the economic prospects of the country along with gas and oil following the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war.

You can normally select RUB as your account currency at the registration stage. Also, you do not have to deposit into your account in Russian rubles – most brokers can convert your capital at the current exchange rate, along with any additional fees.

RUB Currency Explained

The Russian ruble is the monetary unit of Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) and Belarus. The currency dates back to the 13th century and it’s the second-oldest currency still in circulation, behind the British pound. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992, redenomination saw the old ruble replaced at a rate of 1,000 to 1 in 1998.

More recently, the value of the RUB plunged after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. This led to a 32% decrease in the value of the ruble, trading at a rate of 120 RUB per 1 USD by March 2022. As a result, several forex brokers, including, FXOpen and Alpari, suspended RUB trading indefinitely.

Best RUB trading accounts

The Russian ruble is a free-floating currency, so its value is driven by market supply and demand. The currency has a significant reliance on tracked global commodity prices due to its dependence on oil, gas and natural resources exports. It is not a heavily traded currency, ranking 18th worldwide and accounting for around 1% of the daily forex market turnover.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has exclusive authority to issue banknotes and coins in Russia. In 2017, it was broadcast that the Bank of Russia would issue a Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC), with a successful prototype completed in 2021 and plans to roll it out to wider society in the pipeline.

Benefits Of Brokers With RUB Accounts

  • Forecasting – As the RUB is heavily reliant on commodity exports, the currency’s value is arguably easier to forecast for savvy gas and oil traders. This can also help investors looking to trade forex pairs that include the Russian ruble.
  • Customer Support – Brokers with RUB trading accounts typically provide support in the Russian language. Assistance in a native language can be helpful, particularly when traders need guidance on deposit issues or account queries.
  • Payment Methods – RUB accounts normally work seamlessly with local deposit and withdrawal solutions such as the Mir card payment system and Sberbank wire transfers.
  • Easy Access – Russian investors can use brokers with RUB accounts to access major international markets, such as US stocks and major forex pairs. Brokers accepting the currency also make online trading easier without the need for currency conversions to the USD, EUR or GBP, for example.
  • Regulation – Brokers with RUB accounts are more likely to be regulated by a local financial watchdog, such as the Federal Commission on Securities Market (FCSM). The financial agency aims to improve the corporate governance of companies, align them to international financial reporting standards, and prevent the manipulation and misuse of insider information.

How To Check A Broker Offers A RUB Account

Brokers with RUB trading accounts do not always make it clear on their websites. Take a look at the deposits and withdrawal area first as brokerages tend to list accepted currencies by payment method here. Another good indicator is to check whether local payment methods are accepted. Alternatively, you may be able to find this information via the new account registration page.

If it’s still unclear, reach out to the prospective broker’s customer service team. Live chat services are usually the most responsive.

Comparing Brokers With RUB Accounts

Once you’ve identified brokers with RUB trading accounts, there are a few factors to consider before opening a live profile:

  • Trading Assets – Access to financial markets and instruments will vary between brokers with RUB accounts. Check the list of assets available to retail clients. This could include forex pairs with the Russian ruble as the quote or base currency, alongside local company stocks or gas and oil.
  • Accessibility & Regulation – Ensure the brokerage is regulated by a reputable financial institution. 2022 sanctions have prohibited many international brokers from offering the purchase of securities in Russian companies or forex pairs including the ruble. JustForex, for example, terminated all relationships with clients in Russia and Belarus in March 2022.
  • Trading Terminals – The best brokers with RUB accounts offer industry-recognised trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Also look out for advanced facilities such as copy trading services or strategy builders.
  • Customer Service – The top brokers with RUB accounts will provide trustworthy and responsive customer support options. This may include a live chat service or a free local telephone number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Educational Resources – Access to learning materials such as video content, step-by-step tutorials and beginner-friendly articles are a great addition to a trading environment. Whether you are a complete beginner or novice day trader, there is always more to learn.
  • Demo Account Services – Paper trading accounts are a great way to test the tools on offer before committing to a live account and depositing personal funds. You can put new strategies to the test, in a risk-free, virtual environment. It is also a great way to learn platform features and tools, particularly with proprietary software.

Final Word On Brokers With RUB Accounts

Brokers with RUB accounts are popular with investors from Russia as well as those interested in actively trading the currency or associated local export commodities. Look for brokerages with top-tier regulation, educational resources, advanced trading tools and responsive customer service support. We have compiled a list of the best brokers with RUB accounts.


What Are Brokers With Ruble Trading Accounts?

Brokers with RUB accounts offer live trading profiles with the Russian ruble (RUB) as the base currency. This means all account administration, profits and losses, trading charges and fees, are published in rubles.

There are several benefits to traders using brokers with RUB accounts. Trading platforms often provide easy access to global markets and straightforward deposits and withdrawals with local payment methods. Additionally, day traders may be able to avoid costly exchange rate fees when trading in a local currency.

How Do I Open A RUB Trading Account?

Once you have identified a broker with a RUB trading account, complete the online registration form. Sign-up requirements often entail a name, email address and contact phone number. Additional KYC compliance may be required including supplying personal identification documents.

How Can I Tell If A Broker Offers A RUB Trading Account?

Most online brokers display their account denominations in their deposits and withdrawals section/cashier portal. If the information is not clear on the website, speak to the customer services team.

How Should I Compare RUB Trading Accounts?

There are various considerations when comparing brokers with RUB accounts. Factors to review include regulatory oversight, trading platform options, and the range of assets, such as forex pairs with the RUB, plus energies like oil and gas. Beginners may also want to look at educational materials, access to leverage, and sign-up bonuses.