Brokers With JPY Accounts

Brokers with JPY accounts make managing your trading portfolio in Japanese Yen hassle-free. Due to Japan’s massive international economy, the Yen is the third most traded currency worldwide after the U.S. Dollar and Euro, making up 19% of the daily forex market turnover. This page will explain how JPY accounts work, including their benefits. We also list the best brokers with JPY accounts below.

What Is A JPY Account?

A JPY account is an online trading account that uses the Japanese Yen as its base currency. This type of account holds many benefits for Japanese traders or traders from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The Yen is widely used as a reserve currency after USD, EUR and GBP, making it a stable currency and an attractive base currency for many traders.

Brokers with a JPY account allow users to trade on popular forex pairs such as the JPY/USD and JPY/EUR as well as cryptos and other assets without currency conversion fees.

Best brokers with JPY trading accounts

Pros Of Brokers With JPY Accounts

Holding a JPY account provides several advantages:

  • Easy access – Japanese traders will want to find an account that offers straightforward access to international markets and finding a broker with a JPY account make that trading process simpler.
  • No conversion fees – Traders in Japan or holding JPY who are looking to access international markets may be frustrated by the currency conversion fees some platforms charge. Fortunately, most brokers that offer JPY accounts allow users to trade in Yen with zero conversion fees.
  • Regulation – It is important for traders based in Japan to find a broker which is fully regulated by the Financial Services Agency (金融庁, Kin’yū-chō, FSA), which is responsible for overseeing banking, securities and exchange, plus insurance sectors in Japan. All brokers with JPY accounts in Japan must be regulated by the FSA. Foreign cryptocurrency exchanges are also allowed to operate if they can prove an equivalent registration standard in their host country. This provides security and peace of mind to those trading in Japan or with the Yen.
  • Deposits and withdrawals – An important part of finding the right broker in any country is the ease with which a user can make deposits or withdrawals. Brokers offering JPY accounts make it quick and easy to make deposits and withdrawals in Yen.

How To Check A Broker Offers A JPY Account

Not all brokerages allow users to open a trading account denominated in Japanese Yen. Check the accounts section on their website to see if they offer a JPY account. If this is not clear, get in touch with their customer service department. Most reputable brokers offer a 24/7 live chat or phone line which can point you in the right direction.

How To Compare Brokers With JPY Accounts

If you are interested in opening a JPY account but are unsure which broker to go for, we have compiled a list of things to look out for:

  • Market access – Before opening an account, it’s helpful to know which markets you want to trade on. JPY is an extremely popular trading currency; however, different platforms will have different FX pairs that they believe will be most popular with their customers. Have a look at what markets you are interested in and check out the broker’s website to see if your desired product is available.
  • Fees – Charges vary significantly between online brokers with JPY accounts. Depending on how often you trade and which assets you invest in, different price structures may suit your needs. Fees usually take the form of spreads and/or commissions. Different brokers may also have overnight holding fees and inactivity charges.
  • Regulation – Trading can be risky, so finding a broker that is fully regulated and insured is important to help protect your capital. The Financial Services Agency (金融庁, Kin’yū-chō, FSA) is the body responsible for overseeing trading in Japan and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Be sure to find a broker with JPY accounts that are regulated by the FSA to help provide a secure trading experience.
  • Rewards and bonuses – Many brokers with JPY accounts offer rewards for customers such as interest on deposits, loyalty schemes and referral programmes. Be wary of any scheme that seems too good to be true, as there could be hidden requirements.
  • Mobile app – Trading can quickly become a full-time venture, especially if you’re interested in the crypto market, which is open 24/7. As a result, a high-quality, user-friendly mobile app can prove important. This will allow you to carry out trades with ease no matter where you are or what the time is.
  • Demo account – Most platforms provide a demo account, loaded with virtual funds, which allow you to test out the features of an app before you invest any Yen. This is also a great way to refine your skills and reduce risk when it comes to real trades.

Best brokers with JPY accounts


If you are trading in Japan using brokers with JPY accounts, you may need to pay capital gains tax. A non-resident or non-permanent resident must only pay capital gains tax on income received in Japan, while a resident must pay capital gains tax on all income received, either in Japan or abroad. If you earn ¥200,000 or more from trading, these profits are considered miscellaneous income and are taxable. The basic rate of capital gains tax in Japan is 20%.

Consult a local tax advisor for clarity before you start trading.

Final Word On Brokers With JPY Accounts

With a high GDP, a solid industrial base, and some of the best-known companies in the world, Japan is an attractive location for investors. Furthermore, Japan currently has the most progressive regulatory system in the world for cryptocurrencies and is one of the only countries that recognises Bitcoin and other digital currencies as legal property under the Payment Services Act (PSA).

There are many Japanese and international brokers that accept JPY as the base currency. Make sure to carry out research and choose a broker which is best suited to your needs.


Which Brokers Have A JPY Account?

Many brokers have a strong international presence, with several offices around the globe. Some reputable brokers who work in Japan include IG, eToro, Ayondo, Plus 500, Interactive Brokers, Saxo and Pepperstone.

Yes, Japan has one of the world’s most progressive regulatory systems for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are recognised as legal property under the Payment Services Act (PSA).

How Do I Choose A Broker With A JPY Account?

When deciding between JPY brokers there are several factors to consider. These include market access, fees, regulation, rewards, platforms and mobile apps. Check out our list for our top picks.

Is Trading In Japan A Good Idea?

Japan has the world’s third-largest GDP, trailing the USA and China. It also has one of the biggest Bitcoin markets in the world. This coupled with a highly educated population, a strong industrial base, plus some of the biggest brands in the world means that Japan is an attractive location for traders from across the globe.

Do I Pay Taxes Trading In Japan?

If you earn ¥200,000 or more from trading, these profits are considered miscellaneous income and are therefore taxable. The basic rate of capital gains tax in Japan is 20%. In December 2017, the National Tax Agency ruled that gains on cryptocurrencies should also be considered miscellaneous income and taxed accordingly.