BPAY Brokers 2022 - Which Brokers Accept BPAY?

BPAY is an online payment system widely used across Australia. The bill and digital banking system is popular among Australian forex and CFD trading brokers, as well as banks, building societies and merchants. Here we cover the transfer solution as a deposit and withdrawal method for traders, including any payment limits, fees and processing times. We also review how to create a BPAY account, the login process, and how long it takes to get set up. See our list of brokers that accept BPAY in 2022 to get started today.

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Note: this review does not cover the BPay product by Barclays Plc.

BPAY Details

BPAY, short for bill payment, is a digital payment system based in Australia. The online banking system is offered by over 150 financial institutions including banks, building societies, credit unions and neobanks.

In fact, over 60,000 businesses offer transaction options to pay bills with the brand. From Yarra Valley Water and Vodafone to Optus, St George Bank, UBank, and Macquarie Bank. It is also a convenient payment method for Australian retail traders.

BPAY group contact number

BPAY Pty Ltd. is a subsidiary of Cardlink Services Limited, which is owned by four major banks, including the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Westpac. Other e-wallet entities under the BPAY Group include Osko and Sypht.

Each business aims to simplify payments between companies and clients. The firm’s head office is located in NSW, Australia. Since it launched in the market in 1997, the company has enjoyed a 20+ year history of simplifying online payments for its customers across Australia.

How To Join BPAY

To make a payment using BPAY, log on to your mobile banking app. Select Transfers and BPAY. Then, enter the details of the accounts you would like to withdraw from and deposit to. Enter the amount, description and the confirm. The registration process is straightforward.

Traders should also take into account that payments can only be made from Australian bank accounts. Restrictions will apply.

Note, BPAY does support automatic payments but this is something you will need to opt into.

Pros Of Trading With BPAY

Easy To Use

BPAY is quick and easy to use. The platform syncs directly with you mobile banking app so all payments, withdrawn or deposited, can be viewed from a signal dashboard. Traders can simply choose the firm’s logo from the available payment methods in the broker’s account and make a deposit.

No Fees

BPAY is a low-cost payment provider. It does not charge traders to process payments directly, unlike PayPal for example which incurs a fee of up to 1%. With that said, some merchants and brokers may not cover processing costs and so additional charges can be added. It is worth checking the broker’s website or our reviews before making a payment.


The company offers a secure and easy access portal where customers can view, pay and store bills, sending instant statements and receipts. BPAY View receives good reviews from customers and means investors can fund their trading account alongside paying bills.

Merchant Verification

To become a compliant biller, merchants must have an ACN or ABN and an active account  with an Australian financial institution. Businesses such as Xero have integrated BPAY payments within their operations portal. As a result, clients get a secure and reliable payment option.

Cons Of Trading With BPAY

Not International

BPAY payments can only be made from an Australian bank account. This, of course, rules out many international traders and brokers. Currently, it is not clear whether the payment method will be rolled out to more countries.

Limited Customer Support

Support services offered by BPAY are limited. Clients can submit a ticket via the official website but there is no email address or phone number published. Traders are advised to contact their bank or broker for assistance with any payment issues, disputes, cancellations, and delays.

No Refund Protection

Unlike some ANZ credit cards, banks cannot get refunds or reversals on any BPAY payments if a business service fails. You will need to contact your bank directly if you have made a payment error, used the wrong biller name, code or customer reference number, or if payments are not received by recipients.

With that said, a BPAY Group news feature did suggest an API download was coming that would be focused on error correction and payment reversal to all scheme members.


Payment deposits are confirmed instantly, however processing and weekend cut-off times vary by bank. Payments made after 6pm on business days, or at any time on weekends or public holidays, will usually be processed on the next working day.

Brokers also have their own processing timelines which can cause delays in funds reaching or leaving trading accounts. With that said, most brokers that accept BPAY offer near-instant deposits.

List of brokers that accept BPAY deposits


Payments are made within the secure environment of your online banking portal. All operations are compliant with legal obligations including the Australian Privacy Principles. To help prevent issues, clients and traders should be wary of using the correct information, from invoice biller codes to customer reference numbers, as this will help to prevent mistaken payments.

Deposits & Withdrawals

To make payments, locate the BPAY logo within your trading account, follow the on-screen instructions and enter the deposit amount. Maximum and minimum payment limits, daily transfer amounts and processing times may differ between billers but the money transfer brand itself does not impose limits.

Note, BPAY accepts payments from savings, cheques, direct debit and credit cards, including Amex, Westpac, ING, ANZ, and NAB.

Fees Explained

BPAY does not charge fees to traders, however, some brokers may charge a processing fee. Check out your broker’s terms ahead of making a payment to avoid a nasty surprise. Importantly, deposits are usually free at established brokers, such as FP Markets.

There are no inactivity fines or minimum use requirements. However, these may be added by the broker so check their terms and conditions.

Note, payments made in error may be liable for bank recall or trace fees. Clients are advised to contact their bank directly.

Customer Support

To get in touch with the customer support team at BPAY, visit the official website where you can submit a ticket. The team usually responds within one business day and can assist with a range of issues from how to register to fees and more general issues related to your account not working as you hoped.

Additional resources can be found on the firm’s YouTube channel. Videos cover a range of key topics relating to payment features, third-party integration and services overview. The company has also published a handy How To guide which can be downloaded from the website and is available in Simplified Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.

As outlined above, the BPAY group does not offer support over the phone or via email.

Is BPAY A Good Choice For Traders?

BPAY is a fast and secure online payment system widely used by merchants and traders across Australia. Offering seamless integration with banks and major billers, the company provides a convenient means through which traders can manage trading funds alongside day-to-day bills.

Traders should note that services are currently only available in Australia.  Not all brokers will accept BPAY deposits so see our list of supporting trading platforms to get started today.


Is BPAY Safe?

All BPAY payments are made through secure telephone mobile app or online banking devices. Personal or account details are not visible during the payment process.

Can You BPAY To A Bank Account And How Does It Work?

Yes, find the BPAY icon biller code and CRN on your bill. Log in to online banking, select BPAY, your account, and enter the payment details, including the amount and transaction date.

What Is A BPAY Biller And CRN Code?

CRN is a unique reference number businesses use to identify your account or the invoice you are paying, 2-19 numerical length. Biller codes are the merchant identification code names.

Can I Use BPAY From My Credit Card?

Yes, but you should check whether you are being charged as a purchase or cash advance. Note, payments cannot be reversed.

What Are The Benefits Of Using BPAY Vs Bank Transfer?

BPAY payments tend to clear faster and within one business day. Also, easy reconciliation via unique customer references and smarter billing through BPAY View means this is the preferred payment method for many Australians.

Can Direct Debit Instalments Be Set Up With BPAY?

Yes, it is suitable for regular set payments. BPAY View Autopay allows for one-off payments up to transactions every 18 months. You can also set a maximum limit.