Trading Affiliate Programs

Trading affiliate programs allow website owners and content creators to develop partnerships with online trading brokers to make money through referrals. Use this guide to understand the meaning of trading affiliate programs, how pricing and setup works, and how to choose the best provider for your website or platform. We’ve also listed the best finance affiliate programs in 2024 to help you get started today.

Top Trading Affiliate Programs

Avatrade boast a brand that is regulated around the world. Affiliates can expect consistent payouts, in a choice of currencies.
The Deriv sub-affiliate scheme offers a wealth of marketing materials from one of the most trusted brands in the business.
XM offer a great affiliate package, including the account levels and account reward points for up to $150k additional revenue.
Eightcap offer an established, and growing, global brand. The affiliate program runs on CellXpert and the marketing team create a genuine, personal partnership.
Quotex offer a great avenue to monetise traffic from any region, with a range of revenue models crypto payouts.

What Is An Online Trading Affiliate Program?

With an affiliate program for online trading, you refer your customers or readers to specific online brokers, platforms and other trading services to earn a commission per referral. In this type of affiliate marketing, you focus on the trading industry, partnering up with investing firms to advertise their services.

You can focus on specific markets, for example, affiliate marketing for forex trading companies, or collaborate with a wide range of day trading brokers. You could also be an affiliate for trading courses, earning when people sign up for classes and seminars.

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How Trading Affiliate Programs Work

To get started with affiliate programs in online financial trading, you will first need to create a website or other kind of marketing platform (e.g., social media) and decide which markets you would like to target. Then, look for brokers’ affiliate programs and compare them to see which brokers and programs suit your website. Sign up with your chosen brokers’ affiliate programs and post about their services on your platform using the marketing materials provided.

Every time someone clicks on a link to a broker or service on your website, a cookie (a small data file) is created on their computer. This cookie identifies your platform as the referral source and, if the customer signs up, you should receive a commission. This commission could be paid to you in your chosen currency or given to you as trading credits.


There are three main commission structures in trading affiliate programs:

The best commission structure for your platform’s affiliate trading programs will depend on your users’ trading styles. If you know your users are beginners and will likely not start trading at once, it might be beneficial to choose a CPL structure. If you are targeting more experienced traders, a CPA structure might be best as your commission will increase with their initial deposit. Revenue sharing is particularly useful for day trading affiliate programs, as you will earn per transaction.

Pros Of Affiliate Programs

Cons Of Affiliate Programs

Trading Affiliate Programs for Forex and Stockbrokers

What To Look For In Trading Affiliate Programs

If you are thinking of getting started with a trading affiliate program, you will find there are plenty of options out there. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best programs:

Final Thoughts On using Affiliate Programs

Trading affiliate programs are a great way to profit from the world of trading and build a network of partnerships with the best brokers and financial services. Partnering with regulated, reputable brokers will ensure that you get paid in time, have access to live, accurate information and that you refer your clients only to the best services.

Make sure you research each program carefully before signing up to ensure the commission plan suits your readers’ trading style and, most importantly – be patient! Developing a successful platform takes time and effort, but if things turn out well affiliate programs can be extremely rewarding.

The main challenge is to attract as many interested readers or visitors as possible to your web site or social media account, to make the enterprise profitable enough. The keyword here is “interested”, as it serves no purpose to market to people that are not interested in trading financial instruments on the internet. It could even be considered unethical to attempt to persuade people that were not previously interested in the subject. Attracting only the most relevant potential customers is a science in its own right, which we won’t go into here, but we recommend reading up on “internet marketing” and similar subjects.


What Is A Trading Affiliate Program?

A trading affiliate program is a partnership with a broker or other trading service. Through your website or platform, you refer your customers to your affiliate and make a commission for each successful referral.

What Brokers Offer Trading Affiliate Programs?

There are many brokers out there offering trade affiliate programs, including Warrior Trading, IG Trading, Trading 212 and CM Trading. Review and compare each individually as they will offer different pricing structures and suit a variety of client bases.

Are Affiliate Programs For Online Trading A Good Idea?

Trading affiliate programs offer a less risky source of income than traditional trading as they are not as affected by market fluctuations. Understanding your client base and ensuring a steady flow of clicks can generate a decent, passive income stream. This will take time, so patience is key.

How Do Sites Make Money From Trading Affiliate Programs?

Every time someone clicks on a link to a broker or service on your website, a cookie is placed on their computer. This will identify your platform as the referral source so that you can receive a commission.

What Is Affiliate Trading CPA?

CPA, or cost per acquisition, is one of the primary commission structures in affiliate trading programs. CPA earns you a commission once specific criteria are met, for example, a certain amount of capital deposited. The other two commission structures are cost per lead (CPL), which earns a commission for every account that is opened, and revenue sharing, which earns you a portion of the broker’s profits.