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Whether you are new to contracts for difference or an expert in the field, CFD trading books are a great way to learn and improve. Contracts for difference are complex in nature, so traders will want to ensure they’re fully equipped to make profitable trades. This article explains what CFD trading books are, the types available, how to compare what’s on offer and some of our top recommendations.

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CFD Trading Books Explained

CFD trading books are a great way to access crucial tips and tricks on how to trade CFDs. They offer detailed and practical information, which is not always available through free content on the web. Many of the CFD trading books available focus on strategy education, teaching readers how to plan and execute successful trades with detailed graphical examples. Others have top tips from professional traders, general information about CFD markets, and risk management strategies. In particular, books are a great way for beginners to understand how CFDs work before beginning their investment journey.

CFD Trading Books

Types Of CFD Trading Books

While a physical paperback is a reliable and favoured format, nowadays CFD trading books are also available as eBooks and audiobooks. This makes them perfect for consuming on the go. You can maximise productivity by listening to an audiobook on the commute to work or downloading an eBook to your Kindle for when you have a spare ten minutes between appointments.

Best CFD Trading Books

Contract for Difference: Master the Trading Revolution by Catherine Davey

Widely regarded as a top-rated, jargon-free guide on CFDs, Catherine Davey’s ‘Master the Trading Revolution’ is a great starting point for those interested in learning more about this growing industry. Davey is well versed in the CFD trade, creating easy to navigate books that are perfect for beginners. Here, Davey outlines CFDs; what they are, how they are traded and what makes them different to stocks and shares. She also touches on trading psychology making it an interesting read for seasoned traders too.

Trade Like a Pro: 15 High-Profit Trading Strategies by Noble DraKoln

This book is specific to trading strategies, making it a top choice for those who have burned through free online content and are looking for further inspiration. Its in-depth, expert approach guides readers on how to make effective trades and maximise profit potential. It focuses not only on what to do but also on what not to do, helping traders to minimise risk. All 15 strategies are compartmentalised into why and when you should use them and to what market conditions they are best suited.

Making Money from CFD Trading by Catherine Davey

This book is best for more experienced traders, offering a no-nonsense approach to CFDs. Cutting out all the dull details, Davey comments on concepts that may only be familiar to people who have traded before. In her frank account, Davey mentions many of her own experiences, the good and bad, making for an intriguing read for even the most seasoned traders.

Best CFD Trading Books For Beginners

CFDs Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Contracts for Difference Success by Jeff Cartridge

This is the perfect CFD book for beginners. It includes all the basics; how to place orders, using leverage, minimising risk, the best CFD providers, and strategies for success. Cutting out any excess information, this book is a hassle-free choice.

CFDs Made Simple: A Straightforward Guide to Contracts for Difference by Peter Temple

Temple’s guide gives a general introduction to CFDs for beginners. His writing style means his tips are short and candid, noting both the good and the bad to help readers avoid the simple pitfalls that many CFD traders make early on in their careers. His practical guide explains CFDs in a straightforward manner, making it perfect for those who are just starting out.

CFD Trading Library

How To Compare CFD Trading Books


When looking for a CFD book it’s important to consider your experience level and its target audience. Some may be straightforward guides, and others offer more personal CFD experiences from the author. Depending on what you’re looking for, read the reviews, and make sure the book you choose is right for you. We recommend simple, jargon-free strategy books for beginners.


In your search for the best CFD books, one great way to compare is through online reviews. An unbiased opinion will give you a useful grasp on what to expect from the book. Many of the texts are available through Amazon and this is also a great place to find reviews. Look out for those which are overly positive, as it is easy to fake reviews in order to gain sales.


Paper books can range from £10 all the way to £50, whereas e-books can be much cheaper and sometimes even free to download as PDFs. When looking for the best CFD book for you it’s important to shop within your budget and read reviews to ensure it’s a worthwhile investment.

Final Word On CFD Trading Books

While free online content is the bread and butter of many CFD traders’ education, for those looking to take their knowledge to the next level, CFD trading books are a great place to start. Our in-depth article on CFD trading books has discussed what they are, the types available and how to compare them. We’ve also listed some of the best options on the market to narrow your selection process.


How Do I Compare CFD Trading Books?

To compare CFD books, readers should first look at online reviews. While it is prudent to exercise caution (fake reviews are common on Amazon), this is a great way to get opinions from those who’ve made the leap before you.

What Types Of CFD Trading Books Are There?

CFD books are available in a variety of formats, including eBooks and audiobooks, as well as your standard paperback. Consider how you can maximise value for money, since eBooks are often cheaper than physical copies. But also which format suits your lifestyle, for example, audiobooks are great for listening on the go.

What Are CFD Trading Books?

CFD trading books are a way to access tips and tricks about how you can profit from increasingly popular financial derivatives. Trading books offer concise information in one area without having to troll through multiple web pages to find a useful article.

What CFD Trading Books Are Good For Beginners?

We recommend more simple guides for beginners. ‘CFDs Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Contracts for Difference Success’ by Jeff Cartridge and ‘CFDs Made Simple: A Straightforward Guide to Contracts for Difference’ by Peter Temple are great starter books.

What CFD Trading Books Are Good For Experts?

‘Making Money from CFD Trading’ by Catherine Davey and ‘Trade Like a Pro: 15 High-Profit Trading Strategies’ by Noble DraKoln are both great CFD trading books that offer new information for experienced traders.