15-Minute Binary Options

15-minute binary options are a dynamic style of trading in which the duration of each contract is a quarter of an hour. A popular choice amongst day traders, the shorter time frame means that positions are closed quickly, which allows for rapid, repeated trading throughout the day. As with all binary options contracts, there is a fixed payout after a set period based on whether the trader has predicted the correct outcome.

Read on for a step-by-step breakdown of popular 15-minute binary options strategies, as well as information on key chart indicators that can help this specific style of investing. We also list the best 15-minute binary options brokers below.

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15-Minute Binary Options Explained

In binary options trading, the trader and the broker enter a contract in which there are only two possible outcomes. After the pre-agreed timeframe elapses, if the trader has chosen the correct outcome, they will win profits from the broker. If they are incorrect in their outcome, they lose their initial investment.


For example, if an investor believes that an asset will go up in price within a short time frame, they could buy a 15-minute binary option. Traders buy “call options” if they feel that the price is going to increase, or “put options” if they expect the price to fall.

In this example, the trader buys a call option because they believe that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will be higher than $30,000 at the end of a 15-minute time frame. The trader pays a $100 premium, and the broker offers a 60% payout if they are correct.

After 15-minutes pass, the price of BTC is $30,107. This means that the trader gets to keep their original $100 stake, and receives a fixed payout of $60 from the broker because the price has increased above the pre-agreed threshold.

If the price of BTC had stayed below $30,000, after 15-minutes the trade would close and the trader would lose their $100 initial deposit.

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How Strategies Work

Here is a breakdown of a popular 15-minute binary options trading strategy:

Pros Of Trading 15-Minute Binary Options

There are several advantages to this trading technique:

Cons Of Trading 15-Minute Binary Options

There are some drawbacks to 15-minute binary options:

How To Trade 15-Minute Binary Options

1. Choose A Broker

Only a select list of brokers offer binary options trading. Research any potential broker before you open an account, and ensure that they offer the markets and trading types that you are interested in.

2. Set Up Your Chart

Once you have signed up with your broker, choose a chart system that works best for your trading style. Many brokers will offer comprehensive charting capabilities to their customers, but make sure that the chart system includes key indicators. Alternatively, there are many free chart options available online.

15 minute binary options strategies
15-minute binary options trading on MT4

3. Fund Your Position And Trade

To start trading 15-minute binary options, you need to buy either put or call options. The cost of trading is usually dependent on the premium per option, so be sure to calculate how much capital you will need before making your first deposit.

It is also useful to check the deposit time constraints of your chosen broker, as any long processing times may delay you from entering the market at the right time.

Final Word On 15-Minute Binary Options

15-minute binary options are popular with traders because they are accessible and quick to execute. Binary options also require low capital commitment from traders, because the cost of each option is typically only a fraction of the asset price. To successfully trade 15-minute binary options, you should develop a reliable trading strategy and familiarize yourself with chart analysis techniques. See our list of supporting brokers to start investing today.


What Are 15-Minute Binary Options?

15-minute binary options are call or put options that expire 15-minutes after the contract starts. Each binary option will have a pre-agreed expiry time, a cost per option and a fixed payout amount if you chose the correct outcome.

What Is The Difference Between Put And Call 15-Minute Binary Options?

If a trader believes that an asset’s share price is going to rise above a certain price point by a specific time, then they should buy “call” options. Alternatively, if the trader believes that the price will fall then they should buy “put” options.

Are Profits On 15-Minute Binary Options Fixed?

Profits on all binary options are fixed. When a trader buys a 15-minute binary option, they are agreeing that if an asset rises to or above a certain price the broker will pay out a profit. Even if the asset’s price doubles, the trader will still only receive the pre-agreed profit amount, and they will not realize any additional gains.

What Is The Best Strategy When Trading 15-Minute Binary Options?

One popular strategy for trading 15-minute binary options involves using a chart with 15-minute intervals, accompanied by the linear indicator and the moving average indicator. Using these tools, investors can make binary options trades based on the chart data and new price trends that they observe.