NAGA Rolls Out Global Stocks & NFT Platform

NAGA Group AG, a Hamburg-based social trading platform is facilitating global stock speculation alongside NFT creation and trading support. The move will bring the broker’s competitive pricing structure to more than 100 new countries across the world.

Global Stock Trading

NAGA has introduced physical stocks trading for customers from 100 different countries with immediate effect. The new customer base will be able to access more than 1,500 equities at as little as EUR 0.99 per trade.

NAGA NFT marketplace launch with new collection

Commenting on the launch, Benjamin Bilski, Founder and CEO, said: “Our vision is largely based on a broad range and direct access to financial products worldwide. In the current year [2021], we have recorded over EUR 3 billion of trading volume on shares, mainly in Europe.”

“After a long planning period, we have now managed to expand the stock offering to over 100 countries and still offer an extremely attractive price model. Hence, we now offer more than 1,500 tradable assets. With this step, we will be able to address a wider range of users and at a lower cost. The whole offering is also instantly connected to our social trading functions,” he added.

NAGA NFT Marketplace

NAGA hasn’t stopped there, though, launching its NFT marketplace in Q4 2021, providing users with the capability to create and trade unique digital tokens. NFTs can be used to represent works of art, music and digital ownership, with the ability to set a royalty fee, so that the creator can get a cut of every subsequent sale. The broker will also be dropping its own collection of NFTs with the platform’s release.

Bilski discussed the new platform, saying: “The NFT market is growing rapidly and will continue to develop. With NAGA, we want to offer our users a direct route to NFT trading and position ourselves early as the mass adoption is yet to come. Since a digital wallet and cryptocurrencies are required for NFT trading, and we already offer this on our platform, NAGA users will be able to enter the world of NFTs directly without additional signup. We strongly believe in the NFT market because almost anything can be tokenized. The NFT movement is revolutionizing ownership and making it virtually independent of location.”

About NAGA

NAGA is a European social trading platform with more than 1,500 stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs, futures, currency pairs, CFDs and cryptocurrencies available. Clients of the Hamburg-based broker can follow other traders, subscribing to updates of their positions and automatically copying their every move.

NAGA users are given free access to two of the most popular global trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, alongside the broker’s own proprietary social trading platform. Spreads are variable for most assets and commissions are generally zero, with leverage rates up to 1:30 accessible to all retail clients.

If you wish to open an account and get started with the NAGA NFT marketplace or their new global stock offering, you will need a minimum deposit of $250 and to click on the button below. Alternatively, you can read our in-depth broker review here.

Naga is a social investing platform offering copy trading on major financial markets including cryptocurrencies and stocks.