Apple Becomes First Company To Hit $3 Trillion Market Cap

Apple Becomes First Company To Hit $3 Trillion Market Cap

Apple has started the 2022 financial trading year with success, reaching the elusive $3 trillion market cap. Its share price briefly hit an all-time high of $182.6 before slipping back under the values shortly afterwards.

Apple is the first company in the world to hit the $3T market cap, and it remains the most valuable.

What’s notable is that the company has experienced massive growth within the past four years alone. It hit $1T in 2018, and the $2 Trillion mark in August 2020.

The growth of Apple is an indication of investors’ trust in its stocks and the ability for sustained long-term growth.

The growth is powered by the company’s willingness to diversify into a range of services away from its original devices like iPhones and iPads.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is focused on ensuring the company does not rely on traditional device production alone .

It currently ventures into several service businesses like cloud storage, fitness apps, original shows and music, which makes up half of the value of the company.

Putting Apple’s Value In Perspective

A market capitalisation of $3 trillion is massive in every measurable standard. It equals the gross domestic product of countries like India or Britain.

It exceeds the GDP of several developed countries like France ($2.9T) and Russia ($1.6T). It is bigger than the whole cryptocurrency market cap.

Apple’s value is the highest share any company has had of the global stocks. It accounts for 7% of the total value of the S&P500 and 3.3% of all the global stocks market.

Should You Buy Apple Stocks?

Apple remains one of the best stocks to buy at the moment. Trading at values around $182.01, the company stocks remains bullish.

The brand has increasingly become perceived as a safe haven. Investors can rely on its brand, size, leadership, market diversification and consistent financial flow for assured gains.

Apple is a leader in working through supply-chain issues.

As the Omicron Variant concerns still loom large, more investors are likely to go with the proven performers. This will mean even more sustained growth moving into the future.

Casting your money with Apple might be safer than many other equities.