What Amazon’s Media Expansion Could Mean For Online Streaming Sector

What Amazon’s Media Expansion Could Mean For Online Streaming Sector

It’s recently been reported that Amazon is looking into purchasing yet another media giant in its steps towards a war with Netflix and Disney over which streaming service reigns supreme internationally.

With reports coming out surrounding a $9bn bid for MGM Studios, the company is looking to take advantage of the significant back catalogue of the studio featuring control over brands such as James Bond and the Lord of the Rings series.

Impact On  The Streaming Market?

This is a big step for Amazon, which have come on leaps and bounds from having a less impressive film catalogue in recent years to now being one of the most dominant forces in the streaming market.

By combining the lucrative James Bond series with the recently acquired rights for the Premier League, Amazon has thrust itself into the forefront of the streaming market.

If the acquisition goes through, it will be firmly in the driving seat of the streaming market.

Market Impact

Netflix’s available selection of films and series have been under intense pressure for some time now.

As more and more channels and production companies have opened up their own streaming services, Netflix has had to scramble to get the content it needs, often spending more on content development than they make through subscriptions.

Therefore this acquisition is a positive for Amazon. Anyone invested in Netflix may be concerned. Their business model can only go for so long, and this is another sign that Netflix will struggle to keep up in the long run.

Amazon may see a bump from this news as their streaming service will see a big leap forward, but keeping an eye on Netflix is the most likely way to reap results.

This seems to be a significant shift in the fight for streaming dominance.